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ClearQuest MultiSite Errors

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NOTE: There may be more causes for the errors than the ones listed. The listed cause is just the one that caused it when I made the record. In addition, the solutions may not be the only solution, but the one that was used at the time.
NOTE: For brevity, the following are used: ct=cleartool, CC=ClearCase, mt=multitool, CCMS=ClearCase MultiSite, DDTS=ClearDDTS, CQ=ClearQuest, CQMS=ClearQuest MultiSite, mu=multiutil, MS=Microsoft, and UCM=Unified Change Management.


CRMMD1529E The AUX_SERIES of ids allocated to this database has been exhausted.
Updated: 09/19/13
The database has run out of stateless record IDs.
To resolve the issue, run the following command. In the following command, if your multisited schema repository is "CQMS.DataReq_Prod.Phx", then the schema repo designator is "DataReq_Prod".
	multiutil syncreplica -export -user CQ-admin -p admin-passwd -family user-database-name -clan schema-repo-designator -fship -workdir C:\temp\temp any-remote-site
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